- 3 Ingredient Dog Treats

3 Ingredient Dog Treats

COSORI Original
  • 15 Min

    Prep Time
  • 4 Hrs

    Cook Time
  • 50

 - 3 Ingredient Dog Treats


  1. Step 1

    Place the oats in a food processor and blend until the oats turn into oat flour.  

  2. Step 2

    Add the peanut butter and fruit or vegetable purée of choice and blend until a dough forms. 

  3. Step 3

    Roll dough out to ¼-inch thickness between parchment paper so it doesn’t stick. 

  4. Step 4

    Cut the dough out into 2-inch sized shapes using cookie cutters or a knife.  

  5. Step 5

    Place the treats evenly between the COSORI Food Dehydrator trays. 

  6. Step 6

    Set temperature to 145°F and time to 4 hours, then press Start/Stop.  

  7. Step 7

    Remove when done, cool to room temperature on the trays, then serve to your pet.